Kion is member of RS3G (Rome Student Systems and Standards Group) a self-established group of IT implementers and stakeholders which contributes to the definition and adoption of standards and procedures for the digital exchange of information to facilitate mobility and lifelong learning in the European Higher Education Area and beyond.

RS3G is an international group of stakeholders of Higher Education committed to facilitate mobility and lifelong learning by:

  • building communities to share news and experiences in information systems within the Higher Education
  • identifying processes that require standardization
  • adopting standards to establish interoperability in Higher Education sector
  • providing expertise and tools to innovate Higher Education processes
  • Aligning with formal entities such as EC, EUA, ENQA, to provide input and seek support
  • Make connections with communities of interest like EAIE, EUNIS, TERENA
  • Continuously demonstrate successful projects supporting the Higher Education community