Case studies

Università degli Studi di Firenze

The university website shows the teaching offer directly coming from the student management system, so it is always correct and up to date.

Università degli Studi di Verona

For this University, the teaching planning system comprised in the U-GOV solution has been integrated with an external logistic system.

Kryterion è uno dei principali fornitori internazionali di piattaforme di test, e di centri esami, per la certificazione delle competenze

Kion is member of EDUCAUSE,  an american nonprofit association and the foremost community of IT leaders and professionals committed to advancing higher education.

ANA site

CINECA and KION has been involved in  the Creation of an Inter-University Service Center and a Telematic Network aimed at improving and strengthening the Albanian University System as the teaching source of the highest level in the country and at promoting scientific research. The Center offers software services to both universities and research institutes, and will manage the educational and research Network.


Teachers fill in the details of their course material and students see them according to the chosen courses.

Università degli Studi di Udine

The system provides automatic calculation of the compensation for lecturing contracts based on roles, and profiles of each teacher.


KION e CINECA are engaged in EQUASP, the TEMPUS programme, aimed to promote the improvement of the quality of technological SPs through the adoption of internal QA systems focused on the definition of learning outcomes and the definition and implementation of an online documentation and monitoring system of the quality of SPs consistent with the Standards and Guidelines for QA in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)”

Kion is an active part in the TEMPUS Programme. TEMPUS is the European Union’s programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the EU's surrounding area.

The Groningen Declaration calls for an integrated global solution in the form of a nodal network of trusted central student data depositories. In particular, the Declaration calls for making current systems internationally compatible and data more easily comparable, as well as promoting the acceptance of digital student data. To further these objectives, it was decided that a Secretariat on the Groningen Declaration would be created at DUO, the Netherlands Executive Education Agency, which was also the initiator and host of the Groningen meeting.

Kion supports the activities of EUNIS, the European University Information Systems organisation. Its mission is to help member institutions develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together.

Kion is member of RS3G (Rome Student Systems and Standards Group) a self-established group of IT implementers and stakeholders which contributes to the definition and adoption of standards and procedures for the digital exchange of information to facilitate mobility and lifelong learning in the European Higher Education Area and beyond.